Recreational spaces

toboggan areas

Safe and clearly demarcated areas for enjoying tobogganing can be found in the following places :

  • At the foot of the following Alpine ski runs : Les Jouvencelles (Prémanon), La Serra (Lamoura), Le Noirmont (Les Rousses), Les Dappes (La Dôle).
  • In the following villages : La Giraude in Lamoura, in Prémanon village centre and in the village of Bois d’Amont (next to “Les Marmousets” facility for fun learning).

    Hire tobboggans or bobsleighs from the various sports shops in the resort.
    Information about the opening of the toboggan areas.

espace des marmousets

Learn how to ski by combining technique with fun in the heart of the village of Bois d’Amont.
There are various workshops on offer, including slalom, direct descent, moguls, …, as well as a toboggan run. Also to try is a Carrousel : this snow merry-go-round allows children to learn to ski on their own while having fun. In this way the perceive the sensations and learn how to take the ski lift more easily.
The Espace des Marmousets is accessible to all holders of a valid “Pass’Alpin” or “Pass’Nordic” pass, whatever the duration.
If you don’t have a pass, you will need a “Pass’Nordic séance” to access Marmousets.

boarder cross & slide park

Les Rousses Resort has several “Boarder Cross” and “Slide Parks” located on part of its alpine ski areas (subject to snow conditions).  .  

– On the Serra mountain range : come and learn on a “Boarder Cross”, equipped and accessible to all (sinuous course, banked turns, succession of bumps, “hoops” and other jumps) and have fun on slide modules.

– On the Tuffes mountain range : take advantage of a “Boarder Cross” formed naturally by the movement of the terrain at the top of the mountain pistes (arrival of the Les Jouvenceaux chairlift) and slide bars located on the snow front of the Balancier and on the green slope of Les Jouvencelles.

The “Boarder Cross” and the “Slide Park” of the resort are accessible with all the “Pass’Alpin” passes. They are part of the alpine ski slopes and are therefore maintained and secure areas.

giant airbag

Come and discover new sensations on skis or a snowboard in complete safety !

On the Tuffes mountain range, at the foot of the Balancier pistes, fly high in the air on a Giant Air Bag ! A latest-generation inflatable landing mat allows you to perform jumps and tricks by jumping off a snow ramp ! Adrenalin and thrills accessible to all levels of skiers ! The Air-Bag is included in your Alpine pass..